It is my great pleasure to recommend Morris Northcutt as a soloist and clinician. I have known and worked with Morris for close to 30 years.  I first knew him when he was a student at the University of Puget Sound where he played principal trumpet in my University Wind Ensemble.  For the past 22 years he has performed as the principal trumpet/cornet player with the Tacoma Concert Band, which I conduct.  During that time he appeared with the band as a featured soloist many times.  

Morris Northcutt is a superb trumpet and cornet player.  He plays with a beautiful, smooth, rich tone and with absolute control in all registers and at all dynamic levels.  His playing is artistic, lyrical and expressive and his technique impressive.   Morris is also very “at home” in all musical styles from swing to Broadway to classical.

Not only is Morris an outstanding trumpet player and musician, he is also a wonderful person. I have worked with many soloists and clinicians but none easier to work with or more likeable than Morris Northcutt. Always a gentleman, a man of integrity, flexible, cordial and professional. 

Robert C. Musser

Emeritus Professor of Music and Director of Bands

University of Puget Sound

Founder, Conductor, Music Director

Tacoma Concert Band


To Whom It May Concern:

Morris Northcutt is a “first-class” trumpeter and musician.  He is a very versatile player who is able to play in every style from Baroque to Jazz.  Always well prepared, he is able to supervise a brass section with great leadership skills and a touch of graceful humor.  Rarely have I experienced a trumpet solo move an audience to a tearful response, but Morris has done it a number of times – and he is an “first class” person to boot!

Laurence Berteig

Minister of Music

Westminster Chapel


To whom it May Concern:

I have known Morris for over 25 years as a friend and as a trumpet player.  I would like to highly recommend him as a soloist and clinician for your band or instrumental group.  Morris was a great player when I first met him – and he continues to improve. He was recently chosen to be a Bach representative and I feel that Bach has made an excellent choice.  Morris will represent Bach with his performance skills, his desire to help others to improve and enjoy performance, and his warm and caring personality.  As a retired band teacher and a member of the Tacoma Concert Band it is with enthusiasm that I recommend Morris.

Jim Hunt

Retired Band Director

Puyallup High School