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"His playing is artistic, lyrical and expressive and his technique impressive."

About Morris

"Morris Northcutt is a superb trumpet and cornet player.  He plays with a beautiful, smooth, rich tone and with absolute control in all registers and at all dynamic levels."

Known for his lyricism, artistry and ability to cross the boundary between classical and jazz, Washington native and Global Music Award Silver Medal Winner, Morris Northcutt has shared the stage with diverse performance groups such as Mannheim Steamroller, Critical Mass Big Band, Seattle Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Tacoma Symphony, the Philharmonic Brass Quintet, The Blues Brothers Reunion Band, Orchestre d'Harmonie d'Ollioules, and the British-style brass band Puget Brass among others.

Currently, Morris Northcutt is a member of Brass Unlimited, lead trumpet player and Artistic Director for Swing Reunion Orchestra, lead trumpet player for legendary jazz saxophonist Pete Christlieb with his Tall and Small Big Band NW, and is principal cornetist for the internationally recognized Tacoma Concert Band, a position he has held for over 20 years.

Morris began playing the trumpet at age 11 and played his first job as a professional musician in a local dixieland band at 15. While attending the University of Puget Sound, Morris studied with Seattle Symphony trumpeter Geoffrey Bergler and the late jazz saxophonist Don Lanphere. 

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Morris Northcutt proudly performs exclusively on Bach Conn-Selmer family of instruments as well as Pickett Brass Custom Mouthpieces.

"Rarely have I experienced a trumpet solo move an audience to a tearful response..."

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"He is a very versatile player who is able to play in every style from Baroque to Jazz.  Always well prepared, he is able to supervise a brass section with great leadership skills and a touch of graceful humor."

Morris will represent Bach with his performance skills, his desire to help others to improve and enjoy performance, and his warm and caring personality.


"I have worked with many soloists and clinicians but none easier to work with or more likeable than Morris Northcutt. Always a gentleman, a man of integrity, flexible, cordial and professional."

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